Bitumen Additives
Tarak Chemicals is sole representative of Ceca Chemicals for its range of Bitumen Additives in India. CECA, a subsidiary of the Arkema Group, is a world player in specialty chemicals. CECA constantly strives to improve its customers’ performance by creating and developing adsorbents, chemical intermediates, and additives. 
Ceca’s Bitumen Additives

CECA has been your dedicated supplier of bitumen additives for the road for over fifty years. Our expertise in hot mix (adhesion promoters), warm mix (warm mix asphalt additives) and cold mix techniques (emulsifiers) is renowned around the world.
Whatever the road construction technique used, CECA assists its customers, from establishing their requirements(additive specification requirements) through to following up full scale road construction sites.

CECA’s range of bitumen additives stands out by its effectiveness at low dosage and by consistent top quality. 

Innovation is also at the core of our business: for example, Cecabase® RT was the first surfactant additive for warm mix asphalt on the market, launched in 2004.
Most of CECA’s additives are biosourced. CECA is also among the first producers to offer environmentally safe cationic emulsifiers and warm mix asphalt additives.
This leading expertise over more than half a century means that products such as Dinoram® and Cecabase® RT have become the benchmark in their respective markets.
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